How to draw mushrooms

Let`s learn how to draw different mushrooms. I mean not to draw stylized cartoon mushrooms, so that the pattern resembled real prototypes. And for this we need to learn how to draw mushrooms from nature. This is the surest way, although not the easiest. But we were not going to strive for simplicity.

Let’s get to work.

Suillus (Greasers) mushroom drawing step by step

Mushroom suillus is called greasers not in vain – all his hat covered with mucus. I placed the mushrooms on a sheet of paper in front of me to depict them from life.

The sheet was immediately dirty. But it costs – the price of training in drawing from nature. Outline the height, width and general contours. Mushrooms are composed of wide round pileus and long thin stipe. They are theoretically symmetric, but in real life we often see deviations from perfect form. So draw the axis of symmetry, but try to convey the real shape of the model.

Mushrooms outline

Refine our drawing:

Mushroom line drawing/

I suggest to paint the picture with watercolors:

Mushroom greasers painting

Do your best to convey a portrait likeness.

Greasers mushrooms painting

Back in the woods I was lucky to find boletus.

How to draw orange-cap boletus

This mushroom is dry and clean, and I placeed it very close to the picture, to be able to compare.

Orange-cfp boletus drawing

Mushroom outline

It is important to keep the proportions:

 Orange-cap boletus drawing from nature

Let`s paint our orange-cap boletus truthfully:

Orange-cap boletus painting

Let’s compare the mushroom and picture:

Mushrooms drawing

Well, we learned how to draw mushrooms – suillus and orange-cap boletus. If I happen to find any more mushrooms,I will write you more lessons.

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