How to draw a Tulip from nature

So spring is here, summer is coming. What a joywe can now draw flowers from nature! If you have a living flower in front of your eyes,when carefully examined ,you will be able to draw it.

And I’ll tell you: is not that hard to draw most of the flowers , it’s hard to paint a picture. Look at the Tulip: long stem, broad oval leaf with a pointed end and a large six-petal flower. And now we will study specifically how to draw a Tulip.

A Tulip flower fully open step by step drawing

First sketch with light lines the General contour of the flower:

Tulip general outline

The stem with the leaf look very simple.

Tulip pencil sketch

The flower consists of two circles of petals, three in each. In the center is a high pistil,surrounded by six stamens.

Tulip pencil outline

That’s allthe picture is ready.

Nothing complicatedjust look closely at nature.


Now let’s outline it with colored pencils.

Tulip drawing

But now we will paint with watercolors and have to work hard:

Tulip painting 1 Tulip watercolor painting Tulip drawing step by step

Abd add the stem with its leaf:

Tulip drawing 13

That is quite a Tulip, isn’t it?And all because the drawing was not made on a vague fantasy,but obviously from lifethings as they really are.

The second lesson is about how to draw a half-opened Bud of a Tulip.

Tulip Bud drawing

Tulip Bud sketch Tulip bud drawing Tulip bud drawing from nature

And here is such a Bud of a Tulip drawn from nature step by step.

Tulip Bud drawing

And I invite you all to draw from nature. My internet – Tulip drawing lesson may inspire, but you will learn how to draw only in the practice of observations and images of life.

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