How to draw a Carnation step by step

Let`s learn how to draw a Carnation. Notice that there are so many different types of carnations.I personally like field simple carnation with five pink petals.

But most of the people imagine carnation as big red terry flower. If so,then we need to draw exactlythat sort, because we need to meet the expectations of people. Carnation flower

I agreehe’s cute too. But it would be difficult to draw because of its formlessness.

Carnation Flower pencil sketch

Tentative sketch is ready.

And now we have to accept the fact that only the stem and leaves have a clear form:

Carnation stem drawing

The petals look like crumpled paper.

Carnation flower

Carnation flower sketch

I drew the flower in this way: very closely watched and outlined the petals one by one. I did so as not to miss one, because terry flowers have not laws in the structure. On the other hand – well, at least I had a flower for drawing from nature. It is impossible to draw all the chaos of this petals on the imagination.

Carnation drawing step by step

And it was hard to color this flower.

Carnation painting step by step

Only the shadows rescued me – they somehow structured the picture:

Carnation picture

Well,here is a portrait stud. Compare with original:

Carnation drawing.

Now you know how to draw a Carnation – from nature!

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