How to draw pansies step by step

Let`s learn how to draw pansies.

Pansies are a beautiful flower from the violet family. So call them a violet – you won’t be mistaken.

I just put the twig on a white background and tried to evenly distribute the side shoots and leaves to get a beautiful composition.

We start the drawing with a branch diagram. Viola drwing

When it’s clear with the branches, it’s time to estimate where the leaves are, their sizes and outline the flowers.

Viola pencil drawing

And we detail the drawing even more:

Detailed viola drawing

I colored my line picture with felt-tip pens.

Felt-tip pens

First I traced the green parts of the flower:

Pansy drawing step-by-step

Pansy leaves coloring

Now we can move on to the flowers.

Pansies photo

They have both densely colored petals and very pale areas.

Pansies line drawing

Pansies colored drawing jf a flower

And this picture – “Blooming pansies” turned out as a result:

Pansies drawn with felt-tip pens.

Now you know how to draw pansies step by step.




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