How to draw a jug from life

Let`s learn how to draw a jug. Of course, the concept of a jug is extensible; they come in very different forms. To begin with, I chose a large glass jug with a wide neck. And since it is transparent, in order to make it more interesting to draw, I poured some water into it.

I put the jug not exactly “in profile”, but a little at an angle.

We start drawing by showing the dimensions – height and width:neck width, maximum width and bottom width:

How to draw a jur

Let’ outline the shape of the jug’s “body”.

How to draw a pitch

It is symmetrical (except for the beveled neck and handle). Therefore, we need not only to draw the axis of symmetry, but throughout the entire drawing we need to make sure that the halves are mirror-like. In addition, the jug is not flat and perspective distortion must be taken into account – the “waist” and the bottom of the jug will look like ovals.

Jug drawing lesson

It’s time to work on the shape of the neck and handle.

 Jug drawing step by step

The lip of my jug has a rather complex shape.

Jug drawing from nature

And we should not forget that water is poured into the jug and it also distorts the details visible through it.

How to draw a jug step by step

Uff! We did a good job – the jug turned out to be very similar.


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