How to draw a Chamomile flower

Let`s learn how to draw a Chamomile.

As the summer is in full swing, and camomile are blooming everywhere we will draw this flower from life.

Daisy is a beautiful flower with a round yellow core and a narrow white petals around it. I chose a camomile which has long stems with single flowers. This chamomile has small elliptical leaves with rare serrated edges. While drawing a Chamomile(or any other flower) it is very important to depict the flower accurately, but the leaves should be drawn just like in life, and not an arbitrary size and form. I put a leaf of chamomile on a sheet with a picture that you drew him the most attention.

So?here is the gallery with my step by step Camomile drawing tutorial:

Camomile drawing 1

Camomile pencil sketch

Chamomile drawing 13

Now look at the flower:

Camomile flower

This flower is located not in the vertical plane, but not in the horizontal as well.

Camomile flower drawing Camomile flower
And again I implore you – be careful when you draw the leaves of chamomile – they have a very specific characteristic form.
Chamomile drawind from nature

And let`s color this camomile picture:

Camomile picture

I told you how to draw a Camomile. But I ask you very much look for a camomile flower and draw it as you can see. If you want to learn how to draw, copying other artist’s images you will not go far.

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