How to draw pears

We continue the theme – drawing fruits.

Let`s learn how to draw a pear.

How to draw a pear? What`s the difficulty? Every little child knows – a pear is like an Apple, only with an elongated tail, and resembles 8. Easy and simple, I said to myself. So, draw figure of eight and paint it… what color?

I couldn‘t recall the color exactly and decided not to invent, but to get the real pear and consider its coloring.

Well, I went to the store and bought a couple of pears – they turned out very different and not very similar to the eight. It became clear that if I want to draw a pear plausible, I have to draw from nature. So it be.
If you want to learn how to draw objects or, for example, fruits from nature, then just put them in front of you and draw as you see. And another tip – initially it is better to draw in full size. Draw as you seedon’t get carried away with the geometry,more of your own perception. Pear pencil sketch Then I circled with a marker my drawing of pears on a contour: Picture of pears I decided to paint a picture with watercolors: Pears drawing What a delicious look of these pears, isn’t it ? And here is a portrait – pears with their prototypes: Pear drawings Now , I hope I‘ve convinced you that the best answer to the question -“how to draw a pear?” isfrom nature!

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