How to draw a teacup and saucer from nature

Let’s learn how to draw a still life such as a tea cup on a saucer. For example, I drew this:

But, of course, not immediately. First I learned to draw a saucer, then I got bolder and began to draw a teacup and only after that I began to draw them together. Moreover, in order to understand how these dishes are arranged, I specially chose transparent glass.


How to draw a saucer

Sauser photo

In general, we know that a saucer is a small round dishware. But, usually we look at it not directly from above, but from the side. And we see that due to perspective distortion, the saucer looks oval, and the ring in the center too. These ovals have two axes, a small (vertical) and a large (horizontal).Let’s mark these dimensions:

Sauser drawing -step 1

Now we need to build an oval on these axes. Many novice draftsmen have a desire to draw like this, that is, to break arcs and make “corners”:


I ask you and I beg you, draw as you see and at the same time look at nature with an open mind.

How to draw an oval

Well, for starters, this image is acceptable.

Sauser drawing lesson

How to draw a teacup

Let’s learn how to draw a tea cup.

 teacup photo

Since the cup is transparent, we can see not only the oval upper edge, but also the bottom, but due to the curvature of the walls of the vessel, the bottom is slightly distorted.

 Teacup drawing lesson

Work out the details:

Teacup drawing step by step

Don’t forget to show the thickness of the glass walls of the cup. And all the time compare the drawing how similar it is to the original.

Teacup drawing from nature

So, we already have experience of drawing a saucer and a cup. Now let’s complicate the task and draw them together.

How to draw a teacup on a sauser

Teacup and platter drawing

Draw general outlines:

Cup and sauser drawing from nature

Furher we draw as we have already learned in previous lessons.

Cup andsauser drawing step by step

And at every stage we honestly compare with nature.

 Cup and platter drawing from nature

Do you want the picture to look even more like a tea party? Let’s put a spoon in the cup.

 Cup and sauser and a spoon together

Here you go – no problem:

 Drawing - a tea cup with a spoon on a saucer

Well, we did a good job and learned how to draw so many dishware.

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