How to draw a Daffodil(Narcissus) from nature

I’m so glad it’s summer! Now we can draw the flowers and not on fantasy or even a photo, but from life. Drawing from life is the indispensable way to learn to draw for real, be creative yourself, and not just copy something what is offered by teachers on the Internet or in books. Anyway, I hope I motivated you, that you were interested in drawing from life. My lessons tell you how I draw in order to encourage you and show you the General idea, but not for exact reproduction. Today I want to tell you how I drew daffodils.

Daffodil drawing tutorial – 1

When just starting to learn to draw it is better to put the depicted object right before your eyes. It will give the opportunity to compare the pattern and nature.

Start drawing from the sketch. On this sketch we specify the size of the whole plant, the direction of the stem, flower size and direction of the petals.

But as we look from the outside, some of the six petals are partially hidden. And they are not flat, their shape resembles a boat.

Daffodil flower pencil sketch

In the middle of the flower there is a tall conical crown,in which the pistil and stamens are hidden. This crown is yellow.
Daffodil drawing step by step

And petals are white and their paint is not necessary, enough to show light shadows and yellow reflexes. The stem is not all smooth – under the flower there is a small bulge – then there will be a seed box. Under it there is a small leaf-shaped flake.

Daffodil drawing

I don’t think one lesson is enough to get a real skill how to draw a daffodil. And we will continue our studies. I take an other daffodil –it is similar to the first, but also very different. Daffodil Daffodil drawing Daffodil drawing lesson



And here it is: Daffodil drawing 13

And now you can find a Narcissus and draw it from life, I hope you will be able to draw better than me.

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