How to draw a Forget-Me-Not flower

Let’s draw wonderful blue flowers – forget-me-nots. When there are many of them, it seems that the whole earth is bathed in blue mist, and it is unforgettable.

The flower itself is low,but some lanky,tiny flowers are located at the ends of long thin twigs.

Forget-me-not drawing step by step

We begin not with the drawing pictures of flowers,but in General the twigs.

Forget-me-not drawing step by step

On this basis, distribute leaflets and indicate the place of flowers:

Forget Me Nots

The composition of the image is determined, and then you we work with color.

Forget Me Nots step by step

At the end of the stem of forget-me-nots there are buds, then – a few blossoming flowers and further on the stem has a rare flower stalks with seed boxes left over from earlier faded flowers.

Forget-me-not drawing for kids

And only now we got to draw flowers. They are simple five-petal. The Corolla is pretty flat,but that’s just the fact that each flower is flat in its plane:

Forget Me Not

Now let`s draw from nature:

Forget Me Not drawing from nature

And here is the final portrait of Forget Me Not flower drawn from nature.

Forget Me Not drawing from nature

I hope now you will nevwer forget how to draw forget-me-nots.

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