How to draw a plate

Let`s learn how to draw a plate. Of course, you need to draw from nature, for example, we will take such a plate.

The plates can be shallower and deeper, but in general these dishes resemble an inverted hat – a depression in the middle and a brim at the edges. We all understand that when viewed from the side, the plate does not look round, all its circles turn into ovals.

The very first and most important step for drawing is to designate the dimensions – the width and height of the image.

Plate drawing lesson

Next, we draw these very ovals, and we try very hard not to break the line.

Plate drawing for kids

When drawing ovals, do not get carried away: make sure that the ovals are undistorted, symmetrical, and the symmetry should be horizontal and vertical.Let’s also clarify the bottom line:

How to draw a plate step-by-step

Well, the line drawing of the plate is ready. However, let’s add some shadows to give the picture some volume.

Plate drawing from nature


In the process of drawing, we constantly compare the result with nature.

 Plate drawing lesson for kids

Well, we have learned how to draw a plate from nature.

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