Drawing from nature

How to draw a realistic Lemon

How to draw Lemon Fruit step by step. If you want to draw from any fruit known to you, it is best to draw from life. Drawing from photographs is also good, but if you can get a real lemon, of course draw it as you see with your own eyes. So I bought a

How to draw pears

We continue the theme – drawing fruits. Let`s learn how to draw a pear. How to draw a pear? What`s the difficulty? Every little child knows – a pear is like an Apple, only with an elongated tail, and resembles 8. Easy and simple, I said to myself. So, draw figure of eight and paint

How to draw a Tulip from nature

So spring is here, summer is coming. What a joy – we can now draw flowers from nature! If you have a living flower in front of your eyes,when carefully examined ,you will be able to draw it. And I’ll tell you: is not that hard to draw most of the flowers , it’s hard

How to draw a Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara)

Let`s learn how to draw Tussilago farfara flowers. But what is it – Tussilago farfara? When I drew it and prepared all ste by step photos for a lesson I began to search the Internet for the name of the flower which we call “mother-and-stepmother” because the leaves of this plant have one side hard,smooth(stepmother),

How to draw a poplar from nature

Let’s start to draw trees from nature. The first our tree will be Poplar. But this poplar we will start to draw with twig. The leaves of this tree often rhombic shape.Poplar had gone to seed and long inflorescence with seed pods are hanging from the branches. Here is the gallery of step by step

How to draw a Wild Rose step by step

Do you know this flower? I found so many different names of this flower,just amazing:wild rose, dog rose, brier, rosehip.I can’teven believe it’s all one and the same flower.Well,I think that the wild rose and dog rose arethe most widely known. Let`s learn how to draw a Wild Rose. It is clear that you draw