Drawing from nature

Learn how to draw a Buttercup

Let`s learn how to draw a Buttercup. I really like buttercups, though they say that they are very poisonous. Well, I don’t eat them. I’m going to draw these beautiful Golden flowers. So how can I draw Buttercup? Well,of course, start with the pencil outline: Uh, you understand that this is a lesson of drawing

How to draw a Forget-Me-Not flower

Let’s draw wonderful blue flowers – forget-me-nots. When there are many of them, it seems that the whole earth is bathed in blue mist, and it is unforgettable. The flower itself is low,but some lanky,tiny flowers are located at the ends of long thin twigs. Forget-me-not drawing step by step We begin not with the

How to draw a blooming Lilac

We have spring in full swing. On the lilac bushes bloomed clusters of fragrant flowers .Well! Let’s learn how to draw lilac from nature.Here, I put a sprig of lilac in front of me and examine it. The flowers are collected in loose conical bunch. The leaves have heart-shaped form and they are still very

How to draw Bird Cherry Flowers from nature

Let`s draw the branch of a blossoming bird cherry. I love that time when bird cherry blossoms. Although the most great thing about the flowers of the bird cherry is their delightful smell, the view of blossoming branches is also very nice. So here is the lesson of bird cherry flowers drawing from nature. I

How to draw a Carnation step by step

Let`s learn how to draw a Carnation. Notice that there are so many different types of carnations.I personally like field simple carnation with five pink petals. But most of the people imagine carnation as big red terry flower. If so,then we need to draw exactlythat sort, because we need to meet the expectations of people.

How to draw a Clower Flower

Let`s learn how to draw a clower. There are many different types of clovers – white, red, pink. Today we will draw a clover with pink flowers. We will,of course, draw from nature. This means that as the flower lies before us, we will draw reliably and without adding anything and without removing. I mean,