Drawing from nature

Learn how to draw a Buttercup

Let`s learn how to draw a Buttercup. I really like buttercups, though they say that they are very poisonous. Well, I don’t eat them. I’m going to draw these beautiful Golden flowers. So how can I draw Buttercup? Well,of course, start with the pencil outline: Uh, you understand that this is a lesson of drawing

How to draw a Wild Rose step by step

Do you know this flower? I found so many different names of this flower,just amazing:wild rose, dog rose, brier, rosehip.I can’teven believe it’s all one and the same flower.Well,I think that the wild rose and dog rose arethe most widely known. Let`s learn how to draw a Wild Rose. It is clear that you draw

How to draw a poplar from nature

Let’s start to draw trees from nature. The first our tree will be Poplar. But this poplar we will start to draw with twig. The leaves of this tree often rhombic shape.Poplar had gone to seed and long inflorescence with seed pods are hanging from the branches. Here is the gallery of step by step

How to draw a Carnation step by step

Let`s learn how to draw a Carnation. Notice that there are so many different types of carnations.I personally like field simple carnation with five pink petals. But most of the people imagine carnation as big red terry flower. If so,then we need to draw exactlythat sort, because we need to meet the expectations of people.

How to draw a Clower Flower

Let`s learn how to draw a clower. There are many different types of clovers – white, red, pink. Today we will draw a clover with pink flowers. We will,of course, draw from nature. This means that as the flower lies before us, we will draw reliably and without adding anything and without removing. I mean,

How to draw a Chamomile flower

Let`s learn how to draw a Chamomile. As the summer is in full swing, and camomile are blooming everywhere we will draw this flower from life. Daisy is a beautiful flower with a round yellow core and a narrow white petals around it. I chose a camomile which has long stems with single flowers. This

How to draw a Peony step by step

Let`s learn how to draw a Peony. When we have fresh flowers, I always campaigning to draw from nature. And I start to explain that it is necessary to draw accurately, exactly as the flower looks to achieve “the porter affinity. And it’s all right,when we want to learn to draw. And when you already