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Learn how to draw a Buttercup



Let`s learn how to draw  a Buttercup.

I really like buttercups, though they say that they are very poisonous. Well, I don’t eat them. I’m going to draw these beautiful Golden flowers.
Buttercup photo
So how can I draw Buttercup?
Well,of course, start with the pencil outline:
Buttercup outline
Uh, you understand that this  is a  lesson of  drawing a  Buttercup plant, and not just one individual flower.
Now draw the stems clearly:
Buttercup drawing step by step
It’s time to examine the flowers carefully: they are fivepetaled. Each petal is shaped like a drop. In the middle of the flowerthe pistil like a cone. It is surrounded by a short, ribbon-like stamens.
Buttercup flowers
Well, draw from nature. Pay attention to the shape of the leaves. Often people draw great flowers but neglect the real leaves and portray some unified form
Buttercup step by step
And we color our picture:
Buttercup drawing
Did you like my Buttercup drawing lesson?



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