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How to draw a sloth tutorial



Let`s learn how to draw a sloth.


These amazing creatures have a purely arboreal lifestyle. It so happened that they feed almost exclusively on cecropia leaves ,which are very low in calories. Therefore, the metabolism of sloths is extremely slow. Almost all the time sloths spend hanging on a tree branch back down. Now we will learn how to draw a sloth in this position.

Sloth drawing – lesson 1

Sloth drawing 13

Start with a sketch. Keep in mind that we definitely need to draw a good, sturdy branch convenient to embed our sloth.

Sloth phased drawing

And now we are going to draw a sloth in stages:


The sloth has very long flexible neck and a strange face which looks like a man.

Sloth head drawing

Yes, his face is strange, and especiallyoriginal are  the black spots on the eyes and the haircut parted in the middle.

Sloth drawing 17

But let’s take a closer look at how to draw the head and face of a sloth.

Sloth face drawing lesson

How to draw a Sloth face

Draw step by step:

And that’s the face turns out:

Sloth face drawing 13

If you are not completely spilled, take heart and proceeds to the third lesson.

Sloth drawing – 3

And here’s a picture – adorable sloth  hanging on a branch upside down and enjoying life.

Sloth drawing



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