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How to draw a kangaroo



If we want to learn how to draw a kangaroo, first we need to know  how  it looks like. Here are some pictures of kangaroos from the internet:

Kangaroo picturesKangaroo is a famous exotic animal from distant continent Australia. We know that there are many kinds of kangaroos but most known is a big herbivorous creature with narrow shoulders little elongated head and very strong tale and hind legs. Being disturbed it jumps and moves very quickly. Kangaroo is coward but sometimes  it can show courage (when damaged or protecting the offspring).
In common it`s body looks like  cone, I would say like a brown  pyramid among high grass. Another interesting similarity is with T. Rex giant and very dangerous dinosaur that walked on hind legs and almost did not use the front paws.

Step by step tutorial of drawing a cangaroo  1

1 . Make a schematic   pencil  sketch:

Pencil sketch of Kangaroo

2 . Draw  arched  line   of the back. It looks humplike because the animal`s  body is tilted forward. Long tail rests on the ground.  The neck  is straightened up.

Easy kangaroo drawing

3 . Draw the hind legs. Outline the conical shape of curved tail.

Kangaroo drawings and pictures

4 . Add the front paws.

Kangaroo drawings

5 . The head resembles a horse`s or even a donkey`s one because of the long ears.

Figure kangaroo

This is our first picture of a kangaroo, but we continue to learn  how to draw  kangaroo

 How to draw a cangaroo-step by step  lesson 2

1 . Outline the back.

How to draw kangaroo  tutorial

2 .  Draw the hind leg  which is nearer to us.How to draw Kangaroo step by step

3 . Add the second hind leg and the line of  kangaroo`s belly. The tail looks very reptilian.

Easy Kangaroo drawing  lesson

4 . The front paws resemble the hands of a boxer.

How to draw a kangaroo for  kids

5 . Head  is turned to the viewer and the muzzle is very nice: large eyes, high forehead, long nose, large oval ears.

Drawing of a kangaroo

And now let’s learn how to convey movement in the drawing.

How to draw a jumping kangaroo

This is the kangaroo during a jump:
 Kangaroo drawing

When you  kangaroo pictures  are ready, sketch some native Australian plants around it as a background – eucalyptus for example, let it feel at home.

And here is one more  kangaroo picture:

Kangaroo drawing

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