Drawing Tutorials

Learn how to draw a Fly

Let us learn how to draw a fly. Fly, as well as mosquito, belongs to the detachment of Diptera, what means two-winged. There are no other insects with two wings except for Diptera, the rest of insects are either four-winged or wingless at all.. And even flies and mosquitoes have some kind of second, reduced,

How to draw a Garden Spider

Garden Cross Spider drawing. Let`s learn how to draw spiders from the cobweb. Simply put, we can distinguish two types of spiders: hunters and spiders from the cobweb. Garden spider is of the latter type. With its large abdomen (females) and thin legs they are weak runners and chasers. Garden spider, or cross spider is

How to draw a Praying Mantis step by step

Let`s learn how to draw a Praying Mantis. This is one of the most bizarre creatures, not only among insects, but among the animal Kingdom in general. Mantis is not like any one insect and appears as if composed of parts of different insects. There is something ominous in whole its image, so superstitious people

Learn how to draw a Grasshopper

Let`s learn how to draw a grasshopper. There are two species of big grasshoppers, their representatives are visually similar, but not identical, and lead absolutely different ways of life. For the reason of simplicity we shall call the first type grey grasshopper and another type green grasshopper. Here are pictures of both species: Each of

How to draw a Black Widow Spider realistically

Spiders are not insects and we put them into the same category just because of some external similarities. Let us learn how to draw the black widow spider hanging on its web. Black widow is a spider from North America well known for the reason of its strong and dangerous venom. By the way, do

How to draw a Leaf Insect – Exotic Insects drawing

Let us learn how to draw a leaf insect. As well as the stick insects, the leaf insects belong to the range of Phasmatodea, or ghost insects. Their lifestyles are similar, same clumsiness, motionlessness, apathy of vegetable existence. But if the first ones are pretending the twigs and branches, the latter look a lot like