Drawing Tutorials

Learn how to draw a bumblebee

Let`s learn how to draw a bumblbee realistically. Bumblebee is a relative of well-known domesticated bee, and, further, of the wasp and even ant. They all belong to the order of hymenoptera. We can say that bumblebee resembles a flower. (Actually there are several insects of the different orders which resemble bumblebee, they call it

Learn How to draw a Date Palm Tree

Let`s learn how to draw a date palm tree. The date palm (lat. Phoenix dactylifera) is a tree species from the family of Palm (Palm). To be honest, looking from a distance, date palm is difficult to distinguish from, for example, the coconut palm. The date also has long pinnate leaves crowning its unbranched trunk

Learn how to draw a Coconut Palm Tree

Let’s learn to draw palm trees. There are many types of palm trees – all of them are thermophilic and grow in the tropics and subtropics. Although we call them trees, they are not like our usual trees.The palms have usually one trunk with a tuft of leaves at the end. The leaves can be

How to draw a realistic Lemon

How to draw Lemon Fruit step by step. If you want to draw from any fruit known to you, it is best to draw from life. Drawing from photographs is also good, but if you can get a real lemon, of course draw it as you see with your own eyes. So I bought a

How to draw a spiny lobster (langouste)

When I searched the Internet for pictures on how to draw a lobster, among the photos of the crayfishes with huge claws I saw the others – without claws! What is it?- I wondered. Did the gluttons managed to break off the claws off the lobsters alive? But after reading Wikipedia, I found out these

How to draw a Lobster step by step

Let`s learn how to draw a Lobster. If we look at the photo,we immediately think – yeah it’s the same crayfish! Yes,the similarity is very large,it is understandable – they are close relatives. The difference between crayfish and lobster is that lobsters live only in the seas, their claws are relatively much larger. And the