Learn How to draw a Date Palm Tree

Let`s learn how to draw a date palm tree.

The date palm (lat. Phoenix dactylifera) is a tree species from the family of Palm (Palm).

To be honest, looking from a distance, date palm is difficult to distinguish from, for example, the coconut palm. The date also has long pinnate leaves crowning its unbranched trunk which can be as long and thin to short and squat. Experts and connoisseurs, of course, can recognize easily, and we will have to identify Date Palm by means of fruits -it provides not nuts, but little sweet fruit or berries dates.

But now is not the time to dream of sweet dates, our task is to learn how to draw a date palm. I have prepared two step-by-step lesson – the date palm in bloom and fruit bearing. I must admit that the pictures do not differ very radically.I must admit that the pictures do not differ very radically.

How to draw a flowering date palm

Begin with the sketch:

Palm pencil sketch

Draw blossoms – they are very large and similar to panicles.

Palm step by step drawing

From a distance the flowers resemble yellow lumps that stuck to branches. The leaves have a pinnate structure.

Date palm step by step

The barrel is covered with fragments of petioles of dead leaves.

Date palm drawing

And that’s how this drawing of a date palm tree looks in color:

Date Palm tree colored drawing

In the next lesson you will learn how to draw already a date palm tree with fruit. Gather a rich harvest!

Step by step Date Palm drawing

Outline a pencil sketch: Palm drawing

When you are sure that the picture is beautiful and proportional you can go to the drawing with more pressure on the pencil:

Date palm drawing

Now we need to draw pinnate leaves carefully. Draw with love without haste:

Step by step date palm drawing

And here is a picture of the date palm tree:

Date Palm Tree drawing

Now the picture needs painting:

Date palm tree colored picture

That is good, but I want to be sure, that you have learned how to draw and date palm leaves as well.

So,here’s the second drawing lesson. Draw the average veinpetiole and denote the direction in which lateral leaves grow:
Date leaf drawing

Now draw each latral leaf individually:

Date Palm Leaf drawing 2

And here we’ve got a date palm leaf:

Date Palm Leaf picture

And if we paint, it will look like this:

Date Palm Tree Leaf picture 2

Now you know how to draw a date palm tree and its leaves.

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