How to draw honey fungus (Armillaria)

Let`s learn how to draw honey fungus. Surely you know them. These are a very public fungi living in colonies on the trunks and stumps.

These mushrooms almost do not grow singly. And we are going to draw a whole family of mushrooms.

First, draw the outline of the tree trunk on which they live.

Honey Fungus drawing 17

Note the place where to place the mushrooms. You can say honey fungus is similar to furniture clove. But because of the closeness their stipes are not straight, but strongly curved.

Honey fungus drawing step by step.

Armillaria have a characteristic shape – long, thin stipes and a round convex cap.

Armillaria drawing

Under the caps on the stalk there is a ring like a very little skirt.

Honey fungus step by step

Now we need to draw the stipes of mushrooms, but you know that numerous closely-shifted caps greatly to obscure them. So draw carefully.

Honey fungus outline

Armillaria have a light beige color. Legs shaded with hats and appear darker.

Honey fungus drawing

Well, enjoy the picture of the close-knit little family of honey fungus.

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