How to draw an Agave tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw an Agave.

But,wait a minute,isn’t that the aloe in the picture? But, no! Agave and Aloe grow in similar conditions and they have developed a similar outside. But there are differences which distinguish one plant from another. Aloe can have a rosette of leaves and can take quite a long stem. Agave always has a shortened stem with a rosette of leaves from the ground.

Agave drawing step-by-stepAloe as a succulent is juicy and has a relatively soft leaves, agaves leaves are very stiff to the touch.

Agave drawing lesson

Aloe and agave have usually the spines on the edges of the leaves. But aloe is relatively harmless spines, while agaves ones are real protection and each sheet is topped by a very strong sharp spine.

Agave drawing

We have drawn Agave americana and now let’s color our picture – this agave has a distinctive white or yellow stripes along the edges of the leaves:

Realistic Agave colored drawing

Agave drawing – lesson 2

Click images to enlarge:

Agave drawing lesson 1 Agave drawing lesson 3 Agave line drawing 7

And here is the colored picture of our Agave:

Agave colored picture

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