How to draw a baobab tree tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a baobab tree.

The baobab is one of the strangest trees in the world. It grows in the driest areas of Africa and its wood is porous like a sponge and soaked with water. The baobab trees can reach enormous dimensions both in height and especially in girth. In the dry season boab trees shed their leaves and are standing bare and crooked branches, as the roots upwards. This plant belongs to the family Malvaceae and its flowers are pollinated by bats. I hope I have convinced you that the baobab is a striking and surprising.It’s worth it to learn to draw.

Baobab drawing – lesson 1

Let’s draw a baobab tree with leaves.

Pencil sketch:

Baobab pencil sketch

Trunk is similar to a huge bottle. A few branches are short and crooked.

Baobab tree drawing step by step

Add more thinner twigs:

Baobab line drawing

Well,we got a picture “winter baobab”. But I want to change the time, let it be the rainy season and the baobab is topped with the foliage.

A baobab tree drawing

Baobab drawing – lesson 2

Our second baobab already dropped leaves. But it’s very big,thick, and still looks presentable.

We start with a sketch – the trunk and curving branches in all directions:

Baobab line sketch

Next, start drawing branches, first draw closest to the trunk parts:

Baobab trunk drawing

The crown has the shape of almost a perfect oval:

Baobab crown drawing

Draw a pattern of small branches and add some shadows:

Baobab tree colored drawing

And now we have the beautiful picture of the African bottle tree, the baobab.

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