How to draw a Lily of the valleys from nature

We‘ve seen lilies of the valleys hundred of times and know what they look like. Or we think we know. Large dark green leaves and small flowers like white bells.

Though…. the bluebells resemble bells. So , let’s draw a Lily of the valleys from nature, and not by vague memories. How to draw a Lily of the valleys step by step? How? – And here so – to start with general sketch drawing. Lily of the valleys general sketch Once we have determined the location and size of leaves and stems, we can add flowers. Let us denote them by small circle. Lily of the valleys outline Now I will draw with pencil and markers, because without color Lily of the valley looks pale and uninteresting. Lily of the valleys step by step It’s time to take a closer look at the structure of the flowers: Lily of the valleys flowers Well, yes, they are similar to bells,but more to jingles.The сorolla of each flower is composed of six fused petals forming a sphere and only the ends of the petals slightly folded outward. Flowers drawing We are lazy,of course, to draw so much detail in each flower , and besides, they turned to the viewer in different ways. But conscience does not allow just churning out the same patterns, we will honestly draw how flowers look really: Lily of the valleys drawing And next interesting thing is to paint the leaves: Lily of the valleys drawing 13 That was my story about how to draw a Lily of the valleys from nature.

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