How to draw Aloe step by step tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw Aloe.

Do you know what is aloe?Yeah, well, what to ask – chances are you’ve already seen this plant a hundred times, it is often bred on windowsills.I dream to visit countries where aloe grows so simple in nature – it loves the hot climate.

The most unusual in appearance of aloe Vera is its long succulent fleshy leaves. Once it is clear why it is neededin the arid deserts, where aloe grows, it is necessary to store water , so aloe keeps its reserves in the leaves. These leaves can grow on a very short stalk, then the plant looks like a rosette of leaves, or on a long stem.

Now we will draw these two types of aloe.

Alóe arboréscens drawing

Outline the stalk and denote aloe leaves by curved arcs:
Aloe outline

The leaves are thick and the edges are serrated with spines:

Aloe drawing step by step

These spines look very decorative and not too prickly:

Aloe picture

So? the first Aloe outline is ready, paint it green. Our next lesson – how to draw aloe Vera. This plant is famous for its healing properties.


Aloe Vera drawing step by step

Step 1.

Aloe vera drawing for kids

Step 2.

How to draw aloe vera

Step 3.

Aloe vera drawing lesson

And here we drew the whole aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera picture

Now you know how to draw the two sorts of Aloe.

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