How to draw a Dahlia flower step by step

Let`s learn how to draw a dahlia flower. As always, I declare: the best way to draw something good and similar to that as in life, is to draw from nature. And not (for example) according to my step by step lessons. These lessons are needed rather for inspiration and so that you learn to draw from general to specific and not get bogged down in details right away.

Here I will show you how I drew Dahlia myself. Of course, I got a living flower and that’s what I drew. The most general schematic sketch is required first.

Dahlia schematic sketch Any petals and a patterned edge of the leaves – we will draw this when we make sure that the composition is good.

Dahlia drawing step-by-step And it’s not that the leaves are much easier to draw, but you just have to first warm up before drawing the flowers themselves.

Dahlia drawing instruction

Я ориентируюсь на детей и поэтому показываю, как рисовать фломастерами.

Dahlia drwing for kids

We will apply shading with color in layers and from light to dark. Flower drawing lesson for children

Dahlia drawing with felt-tip pens

And we will color the flowers themselves, too, not all in one color, but as in life – with shadows and shades.

Dahlia flower colored drawing

Well, I drew my Dahlia. And you will draw your own, but just as carefully and with love for the truth.

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