How to draw a Rafflesia flower tutorial

How to draw a Rafflesia flower.

If you are reading this article, then I’m not mistaken in saying that you know what kind of flower is Rafflesia. Therefore, I will not talk in detail about the fact that this plant is parasitic, it does not have stems and leaves and its flowers are some of the largest in the world. Let’s just draw this record- breaking flower of Rafflesia.

Realize that the diameter of the flower is about a meter. Such a scale inspires the feats of drawing.

In the middle of the flower there is a large disk, it is surrounded by a kind of diaphragm:

 Rafflesia drawing lesson

And the disk itself is covered with spike-like outgrowths.

 Rafflesia drawing step by step

Huge, thick fleshy petals bend outward:

Rafflesia outline

To attract flies, this flower smells of rotting meat and its petals are painted in various shades of red.

 Rafflesia drawing -2

White spots are scattered on a crimson background.

Rafflesia drawing

It is clear that the flies can not resist such a lure and fly in flocks to the Rafflesia and pollinate it. I am delighted with such an amazing flower. It is not difficult for me since I see it only on the screen and I do not have to endure its stench.

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