Cactus drawing

How to draw a cactus? We must remember that this question is incorrect because of the many different cacti and they also look very different.

We will learn to draw all kinds of cacti over time, and today there are three lessons we draw prickly pear, saguaro and ehinokaktus.


Prickly pear cactus drawing

Prickly pear(opuntia) is similar to fused in a chain green pancakes decorated with a pattern of short spines. However, when the plant gets big, it takes the form of a bush with stems.

Opuntia cactus sketch

Outline the contours of the “pancakes”:

Opuntia cactus pencil sketch

Draw the lines clearly:

Jpuntia cactus line drawing

Now paint in green and spread thorns:

Cactus step by step drawing

And here is our final Prickly Pear cactus drawing:

Prickly pear cactus drawing

Next, we’ll draw a saguaro cactus.

Saguaro(cereus) drawing

This cactus resembles a candleholder.


Cactus step by step drawing

Saugaro cactus drawing step by step

Branches have a ribbed surface and spines along the edges.

Cereus drawing

Saugaro cactus colored drawing

The next type of cactus is not long, but spherical.

Echinopsis step by step drawing

Draw a generalized outline:

Cactus drawing

Mark ribbing:

Cactus sketch

Draw bundles of thorns along the edges approximately equidistant.

Cactus step by step

And this pattern on each side:

Cactus drawing step by step 13

Don’t forget to add the shadows between the ribs.

Cactus colored drawing

Well, you learned how to draw three kinds of cacti.

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