Drawing Tutorials

How to draw a Mammoth

Let`s draw mammoths. Actually today mammoths are already extinct. They really lived on this earth but many thousands years ago when whole ground was covered by snow and all year round it was extremely cold. We know them and a lot of other animals of that times (called ice age) by remained parts of bodies

How to draw a boar step by step

Let`s learn how to draw a boar (hog). Boar is a wild prototype of an ordinary pig. It inhabits depths of the forest. Can you recall what serves the food for a pig? Is it only grass and hay like in natural case of cow or horse? Could the cow swallow a little bit of

How to draw a piggy

We continue to study the topic – Domestic animals drawing. Let`s draw a piggy step by step. The picture will be realistic: Do not forget that pig is a domesticated hog (boar). People tamed this wild and violent creature that used to spread terror around it many thousands years ago. And even contemporary pigs are

How to draw a swan

We decided to learn how to draw a swan. But what kind of a bird is this? There are a lot of different stories about swans. They are depicted in poems and paintings. For a humankind swan is a symbol of purity and grace, wisdom and revival. It is not hard to imagine if to

How to draw a kangaroo

If we want to learn how to draw a kangaroo, first we need to know how it looks like. Here are some pictures of kangaroos from the internet: Kangaroo is a famous exotic animal from distant continent Australia. We know that there are many kinds of kangaroos but most known is a big herbivorous creature

How to draw a moose

Let`s draw a realistic picture basing on photos. It is a kind of a big deer. But don`t think that it is calm and kind: meeting a hunter or any human moose does not hurry to escape, and even can attack . It is not hard to imagine: bigger, especially taller than horse, with enormous

How to draw a Crocodile

Learn how to draw a Crocodile step by step. If you want to draw a crocodile it is necessary for a start to find out what it looks like. There are a lot of types of crocodiles, and related to them monster (alligators for example) which are not real crocodiles. Crocodiles despite their sizes are