How to draw a Maple tree branch with leaves tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a maple tree branch with leaves. There are many types of maples, I chose the most ordinary ā€“ Acer platanoides. Here a twig with beginning to turn yellow leaves:

As we are now learning to draw, we are not only interested in the Botanical aspect, but more in the sequence of the drawing.We will learn to draw from life.

First, we draw a twig and draw the General shape of the leaves. This is the preparation stage and it is necessary to draw only with a pencil.

Maple tree

Next step ā€“ draw leaf veins.

Maple tree with leaves drawing

Now draw the leaves one by one. This maple leaves have five lobes and each blade is usually with three cloves-central and two on either side of him.

Maple twig drawing

Look closely at the maple leaf:

Maple leaf

We start with sketching the main veins and their side branches.

Maple leaf drawing

You must carefully draw from life all the notches and cutouts along the edges of the leaves.

Maple tree leaves drawing

Pencil drawing is ready. Next, Iā€™m going to paint it with markers.

Maple tree leavesdrawing

Maple tree branch with leaves drawing

When the image is ready be sure to compare with nature.

Maple Tree leaves


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