Clay Rhino and Hippo

How to sculpt a Rhino and a Hippopotamus out of modelling clay. Although we have already studied how to draw rhinos and hippos, we will sculpt these animals not from memory, but having the picture in front of the eyes. I decided to start with modeling Rhino. Clay Rhinoceros step by step When sculpting an

How to sculpt a lion out of clay

How to sculpt a lion out of modelling clay. I do modeling from plasticine for training purposes.That is, I want to develop fine motor skills and hand strength of my pupils, to teach them how to work with such material as modelling clay. Of all possible topics for molding – sculpting animals in the best

Plates and bowls from modelling clay

I want to give you some tips on how to teach children to sculpt cookware from modelling clay(plasticine). However, these recommendations will be useful to you in the case if you want not only to play and have fun, but your aim is to develop hands of kids and to teach them modeling as art.

How to sculpt a clay squirrel

Let`s learn how to sculpt a clay squirrel. When we want to sculpt realistic images,I usually suggest to have a sample picture. Today, however, I have not only an exemplary picture – I have a pretty realistic three-dimensional model! Rate this approach! Friends! If you want to teach children to love nature and animals ,it

How to sculpt a camel from modeling clay

Let`s learn how to sculpt a camel from modeling clay. I must say – the method is exactly the same as when modeling any four-legged animal. Find a good realistic picture and try to sculpt as it looks like in life.I want to say that it makes no sense to learn how to sculpt cartoon

How to sculpt a sheep from plasticine

Let`s learn how to sculpt a sheep from plasticine. For this you need to have a lot of clay and just need to know like a sheep looks. I’m serious, if you want to draw or sculpt something specific,you should not rely on memory and imagination. Really fantasy far can make – instead of sheep

How to sculpt plasticine elephant

Let`s learn how to make an elephant out of modeling clay. In fact it turned out to be very easy. I had a few small souvenirs – sculptures of animals. During the lesson I gave the kids these sculptures and offered to make copies from plasticine. They did it in just a few minutes and