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How to draw a sloth tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a sloth. These amazing creatures have a purely arboreal lifestyle. It so happened that they feed almost exclusively on cecropia leaves ,which are very low in calories. Therefore, the metabolism of sloths is extremely slow. Almost all the time sloths spend hanging on a tree branch back down. Now we

How to draw a Platypus tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Platipus. The platypus ( Ornithorhynchus anatinus) is a waterfowl mammal monotremes living in Australia. This animal lays eggs,but feeds cubs with milk. He looked like a mole or a beaver, and it has a wide large beak on his face. However, let us describe the appearance of the platypus

How to draw a lynx face and head tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a lynx face and head. Lynx is a large spotted cat of our forests. Its face strongly resembles the face of a cat. But there are some differences. The “classic” lynx face is framed by sideburns and so it seems very round. The ears are triangular, large and with tufts

How to draw head and face of a mongoose

Let`s learn how to draw head and face of a mongoose. You’ve probably read about the mongoose Rikki-Tikki. And, perhaps, even wanted to draw an illustration to the tale about an animal-superhero. Of course, in order for the character should be expressive, we should catch his eye. On the Internet pictures of the mongoose show

Wild Boar head drawing tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a wild boar head. Even adult domesticated hogs have a rather scary face. And wild boars have the whole face covered with hard dark bristles, long curved fangs protrude from the mouth and facial expression is very unfriendly. They look severe. Well, now you’re mentally ready to begin to learn

How to draw the face and the head of a bat

How to draw a bat’s head and face. We need to recognize that bats do not have a universal face. Variety of muzzles is just amazing in different species. On one of the sites I happened to see a collection of photographs of various heads of bats-about a hundred. This was a real Kunstkamera –

How to draw panda head and face tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw panda head and face. Do you know of such a beast – Panda? We have recently learned to paint this original bear. Read here: Panda drawing step by step. And today we will learn to draw his portrait. Panda head drawing – lesson 1 The first picture will depict the