How to draw a Panda tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Panda. Panda is an amazing and very rare animal. Scientists have long tried to find out whose relative is it. Everyone thought – raccoons. But now the belief dominates that the Panda’s bears. Surprisingly quite unlike other animals with red fur also called pandas. But we’ll leave those fire-Fox

How to draw a phyton tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a phyton. Do you know who are the pythons?The Pythons are non-venomous snakes that kill their prey in the same way that a boa constrictor that is strangulation. Some pythons can grow to very large sizes. It is here that we face the biggest challenge when drawing snakes -they’re long!It

How to draw Fox head and face tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw fox head and face. For fun, let’s start with the portrait of Fox, three quarters. Find beautiful Fox face on the Internet and draw on paper constantly comparing with the sample. Lay your drawing to the screen and see how how well you manage to convey the similarity. Fox head

How to draw panda head and face tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw panda head and face. Do you know of such a beast – Panda? We have recently learned to paint this original bear. Read here: Panda drawing step by step. And today we will learn to draw his portrait. Panda head drawing – lesson 1 The first picture will depict the

How to draw a Yak tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a yak. As you know, the Yak is a Tibetan bovid adapted to live high in the mountains. There are wild and domesticated yaks. Wild yaks live very highly in the mountains and shun people, so for impossible to observe them. We will draw domestic yak. There are many photos

How to draw a Bat tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Bat. There is a huge variety of bats and their relatives. We do not aim to consider all the details,so we will learn to draw a generalized image of a bat. Bats are mammals, but their lifestyle and appearance is reminiscent of night birds. Contents 1 Bat drawing –

How to draw the face and the head of a bat

How to draw a bat’s head and face. We need to recognize that bats do not have a universal face. Variety of muzzles is just amazing in different species. On one of the sites I happened to see a collection of photographs of various heads of bats-about a hundred. This was a real Kunstkamera –