How to make an aroma lamp

                                                                             How to make an aroma lamp

– cement
– plaster
– rectangular mold
– white marble stones
– soup spoon
– candle
– acrylic paints
– brush
– universal varnish (spray)
– paper cup
– sandpaper
– pencil


Step 1
First, bend the spoon as shown in the photo.

Mix a mortar of cement and gypsum 1*1.
Fill the mold halfway with the mortar.
Insert the spoon, and lay out around the perimeter of the marble stones. Pour the rest of mortar.
We make a hollow for a candle. For this purpose, we put a paper cup in the center under the spoon.
We leave it to dry for 2-3 days, until it is completely dry.

Step 2
After it is completely dry, cut the form with a stationery knife on both sides and remove the product.
Remove the paper cup.
Scrape away the irregularities with sandpaper.

Draw patterns on the surface of the product with acrylic paint.
After the paint dries, varnish the product. Allow 15-20 minutes to dry.

Put a candle, pour aromatic oil in a spoon.
Aromolamp is ready.



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