How to make an original candle

                                                               How to make an original candle

Materials for making the candle:
– white gypsum
– acrylic paint (brown color)How to make an original candle
– varnish
– paint brush
– tetrapak
– paraffin
– wooden candle wick
– juniper branches
– twine
– figurine for decoration

Step 1
Cut off the top of the tetrapak. Make the mortar by mixing gypsum with water. Add paint and stir well. Pour the solution into the mold. Leave to harden for 20 minutes.

Step 2
Insert a glass bottle in the center of the mold. Place juniper branches in a circle.
Step 3
In a water bath melt paraffin. Pour the wax over the branches. Let the wax harden. Take the bottle out of the mold, put a wooden wick and pour the wax.

Step 4
After the wax has completely hardened, remove the mold. Cover the plaster part of the candle with varnish.
Decorate with twine and attach the figurine.


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