How to draw a Porcupine tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a tree porcupine.


When I worked at the Zoo, then I was familiar only with our crested porcupine. It was a large gloomy rodent all in black and white terrible-looking needles. He was a very down-to-earth beast and did not think about climbing trees. And I learned about tree porcupines only from the Internet. And it’s a pity: I would very much like to see the live animal with such an amazing nose.

How to draw a tree porcupine

In the photo the animal looks very funny. Oval body with a steeply arched back:

How to draw a tree porcupine step by step

Long spiraling tail.

Tree porcupine drawing tutorial

Hind legs longer than the front. Yes, a very strange way to step on the foot, it is understandable, because the porcupines are plantigrade.

Tree porcupine legs drawing

The front legs are bent and because of this it seems that the animal is sneaking. However, the claws needed for climbing are very impressive.

American tree porcupine drawing lesson

The muzzle looks funny – somehow the face of this animal resembles a toy in modern style: tiny eyes, small round ears, a round, hairless nose with a long whiskers.

Tree Porcupine line drawing

Friends, when painting a porcupine, keep in mind that you need to apply well-directed shading to convey the texture of the needles.

Tree Porcupine colored drawing


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