How to draw a Falcon tutorial

How to draw a Falkon.

The falcon is not just one certain bird, but a whole family of birds of prey with narrow sickle-shaped wings, thanks to which their flight is fast and maneuverable. However, we will not go into systematics, but we will simply learn to draw just such a flying fast bird.

Step 1 – pencil sketch.

Step 2.

Since the angle is rather complex, let’s elaborate on our sketch.

Falkon pencil outline

Step 3 – draw an elongated streamlined body, clasped legs and a fairly short, straight cut tail.:

Falcon graduated drawing

Step 4 – the main line of the wings, in my opinion, resembles not so much a sickle, but rather bow.

Falkon drawing lesson

Step 5 -draw the wing-feathers.

Falcon wings drawing

Step 6 – round head with large sharp eyes and an ominously curved beak complete the images of the predator.

Falcon line drawing

Step 7 -the color is gray with black small specks:

Falcon colored drawing

Well? now you know how to draw a Falcon.

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