Drawing Tutorials

How to draw the minion

Hi! If you’re here, it means you want to learn how to draw a character from the cartoon Ugly Me I will help you do it, but first I’ll give you one piece of advice, sharpen your pencil and at first stages do not press it hard, make it very smoothly and easily. It will

How To Draw Mommy Long Legs

Today we’re going to learn how to draw Mummy long legs from the Poppy Playtime universe. How to draw Mommy Long Legs step by step. 9 easy steps. STEP 1 – Draw Mummy Long Legs Eyes Let’s start by drawing her eyes, so I’ll draw a big circle. Then let’s go straight to it, not

How to draw Huggy Wuggy

Learn how to draw Waggy Waggy in 8 steps. If you haven’t tried drawing a blue monster before then this guide will help you draw it with ease. Let’s start drawing Haggy Waggy! Step number 1 – Draw Huggi Wuggi’s eyes In the centre of our sheet of paper we need to draw two circles.

How to draw a Dingo Dog tutorial

This is a lesson from the series “How to Draw Australian Animals” They say there are practically no predators in Australia. And then they easily supplement: except for crocodiles, sharks, some marsupials and DINGO. Dingoes are not really local animals, they were introduced a long time ago and took root very well. Of course, I

How to draw a butterfly on a flower tutorial

How to draw a butterfly on a flower. When a butterfly lands somewhere and sits for a while, it either folds the wings like a closed book, or spreads them out completely, or waves them up and down. I must say that the third option is the most natural and spectacular. That’s exactly the kind

Paper hen(chicken) DIY

Let`s learn how to make a hen out of paper. As you can see, it is so simple that there is almost nothing to explain. We take a square sheet of paper and make shallow cuts on two adjacent sides, these will be the tail feathers. We twist the workpiece into a cone and glue