Animal drawing

Cuttlefish – step by step drawing tutorial

We continue the theme – Drawing mollusks. Let`s learn how to draw a Cuttlefish. I had no idea about the cuttlefish, before I began to draw all the mollusks in a row.So I came across this strange marine animal – Cuttlefish. I learned that cuttlefish are very intelligent -maybe even as whales.Cuttlefish are rather slow,but

How to draw a hyena – step by step tutorials

Let`s learn how to draw a hyena. There are three types of hyena – spotted, striped and brown. They resemble one another by image and their ways of life, but somehow differ. Hyenas got a bad reputation because of its nightlife, the stench and vile voice. Actually hyenas are considered scavengers. But, according to the

How to draw a Crayfish tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a crayfish. It belongs to crustaceans, as well as crab and lobster. “Crayfish” is a name given to a large number of different species which are similarly constructed but vary in coloring, shape and size. Our one is a common crawfish taken from the river: Even though crayfish lives on

Learn how to draw a Koala

Let`s learn how to draw a Koala. Koala is a marsupial animal from Australia. It lives in the crowns of eucalyptus trees, feeding on bitter leaves , and rarely descends to earth as a bird or a monkey. The appearance of Koala is widely known, because this creature resembles a small and cute bear, Teddy

How to draw snails

This article is from the topic – mollusks drawing. Let`s learn how to draw a snail. In appearance snail has a very simple structure. May be it is one of the easiest animals to draw. We tend to think of animals that they all have some protruding limbs, even the fish has fins. But the

How to draw a realistic Cow

Today we have a new lessons from general themes – cattle drawing. Let`s learn how to draw a cow. Cow is one of the most ordinary and common farm animals, like horse, sheep and pig. Cows were domesticated thousands years ago for the sake of meat milk and partly skin. It is a fact of

How to draw a Jackal step-by-step lesson

Continuing the theme – wild animals drawing. Let us learn how to draw a jackal. There are several kinds of jackals, they are all very similar, and mainly differ in color. Common, or golden (named so for its coloring), jackal is a canid – relative to the wolf, fox and dog. It is a native