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How to draw a Lizard

Let`s learn how to draw a Lizard. Of course,the concept of “lizard” is very broad. Today, we are going to draw the usual lizard – Lacerta agilis. We will discuss the appearance of this lizard while we draw it. Contents 1 Lizard drawing – top view 2 Lizard drawing – side view 3 Lizard drawing

How to draw a Monitor Lizard

Let`s learn how to draw a Monitor Lizard. The monitor lizard is the closest relative of the Komodo dragon. But still they are different animals and there are some distinction between them. So we’ll give the monitor lizard a separate lesson. Contents 1 Monitor lizard drawing – side view 2 How to draw a monitor

How to draw a jerboa tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Jerboa. There are many types of jeroboa. They can be medium, small and very small. However, their shape of the body is about the same type. As you can see, jerboa are rodents adapted to life in the steppes and deserts. And they have a very distinctive appearance. Jerboa

How to draw a Bat tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Bat. There is a huge variety of bats and their relatives. We do not aim to consider all the details,so we will learn to draw a generalized image of a bat. Bats are mammals, but their lifestyle and appearance is reminiscent of night birds. Contents 1 Bat drawing –

How to draw an otter tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw an otter. The word “otter” is related to the word “water”. It is not surprising – all otters lead either water or semi-aquatic life. Let’s move on to drawing and here’s our first lesson. How to draw an otter sitting We find a good expressive photo and the first thing

How to draw Weasel and Ermine

How to draw Weasel and Ermine(stoat). Friends, in my opinion it is not so difficult to draw a little animal, but it is difficult to choose a name for it from several almost synonyms. These mustelids are very similar to each other and if you are not a narrow specialist, it is very difficult to