How to make a pirate with color paper

How to make a pirate with color paper

What do you need:

  • Craft paper in different colors
  • Markers or Sharpies
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Step 1

Draw and cut out parts of the pirate, like the body, hat, bandanna, face, bottom, shoes, eye, eye patch, skull and crossbones.

Step 2

Let’s start by assembling the pirate’s headgear – his hat! Use your black marker to draw three holes in the skull.

Step 3

Now stick the skull and the crossbones on the hat, placing the skull above the bones. We’re getting pirate vibes already!Let’s assemble our pirate now, so he can wear his hat! Stick the head portion on the body base.

Step 5

Now attach the bottom of the pirate paper craft with glue. These are his pants – or shorts, whatever you like!Let’s cover our pirate’s head with a bandanna, sticking it on with glue. Let’s complete the pirate outfit by attaching his boots.

Step 6

it’s time to attach the pirate hat on his head! Make sure you can see the bandanna from underneath.

Step 7

Now, no self-respecting pirate worth his (sea) salt would be seen without his eye patch, and our pirate paper craft is no different! Stick on the eye and the eye patch, making sure it extends diagonally all the way from the edge of the hat to the edge of the face.



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