How to make a Boxy Boo soft toy out of felt

How to make a Boxy Boo soft toy out of felt We will need: – felt (different colors) – stuffing (sintepon) – A small cylinder of cardboard (to connect the head and torso) – Eyes for the toys (you can make them out of felt) – glue gun – scissors Step 1 Making patterns Body: 

How to make a decorative nautical-themed candlestick

For the job we will need: Round glass vase, sea sand, seashells, sea pebbles, Styrofoam, wooden sticks, dried grass, twine, acrylic paint (in any colour), candle tablet, glue gun. Cut the wooden sticks to the size of the chair. Glue them together one by one. Make backrest, seat, legs and armrests. Paint the chair. Make

How to make a Christmas tree from branches

For the Christmas tree we will need: branches, Styrofoam, dried moss, spruce branches, fir tree toys, fir cones, artificial berries, floral wire, twine, glue gun, garland. Cut out a circle of 20 cm in diameter from the Styrofoam and glue it with dry moss. Cut branches to a length of 80 cm. (The diameter of

How to make a Christmas wreath out of twigs

To make a Christmas wreath you will need: cardboard, branches, spruce twigs, thuja branches, cones, twine, white acrylic paint, glue gun, dry moss (optional). Cut the branches into 15 cm pieces. Cut a circle of 25 cm in diameter from cardboard and glue the branches all around the circle with a glue gun. If you

How to make Christmas wreaths

For the wreaths we will need: a twig wreath base, spruce branches, decorative twigs, cones, Christmas toys, cotton, a reindeer and an angel, a glue gun, white paint (spray), artificial snow (spray). Make the base of the wreath. Take the branches that are not dry and twist them into a ring. Secure with string. Paint

How to make a Christmas tree out of twigs and cardboard

Take heavy cardboard (preferably from boxes), tree branches, dried moss, wine stoppers, stars, snowflakes and a glue gun Cut out two triangles and a circle from cardboard Cut branches to the size of the triangle and use a glue gun to glue them onto the workpieces on one side. Fill the gaps between the branches

How to make an original Christmas decoration

In the run-up to Christmas we want to decorate our house and give it magic. You can use our instructions to make an original decoration for your home. For the composition we will need: wooden ring, human figures, sprigs of Christmas tree, Christmas balls, garland, small cones, silk thread, glue gun Wrap the wooden ring