How to make an original flower stand from cement

                                                 How to make an original flower stand from cement

In this post I will step-by-step describe how to slelat cement stand for flowers, which can also be hung on the wall.Such an original stand will complement the interior and decorate your home.

– cement
– fine sand
– mold (corton box)
– two plastic tubes (wooden sticks can be used)
– clay cup
– cookie mold (heart)
– rope
– sandpaper
– universal varnish
– marble pebbles
– small flower (can be a succulent)

Step 1
Making the mortar.
Mix cement and sand in proportions 1:1. Mix thoroughly. Add water. The mortar should not be very sparse.
Step 2
Lubricate the mold, tubes and heart-shaped mold with oil so that after the mortar hardens they can be easily removed.

Step 3
Pour the mortar into the mold. Place the tubes at the top. At the bottom, in the center, insert a cup so that the cement mixture is slightly inside.
At the top, in the center, insert a heart.

Let it set for 24 hours

Step 4
Once completely set, remove the tubes and heart.
Use sandpaper to remove any irregularities, if any.
Coat the product with universal varnish and let it dry.

Step 5
Make a loop from the rope.

Step 6
Place the flower in the cup. Place white marble pebbles around the edge of the cup.
The original flower stand is ready.


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