How to make a stand for aroma sticks

                                                           How to make a stand for aroma sticks

– white gypsum
– mold for pouring – cardboard box, not deep, narrow. (A wristwatch box will work well)
– round wooden stick
– matchstick or thin twig
– twine
– flower from pistachio shells (I have shown you how to make flowers from pistachio shells earlier).
– acrylic bronze paint

Step 1
Grease the mold, wooden stick, matchstick with a small amount of oil.
Step 2
Make a solution (gypsum+water in the ratio of 2:1).
pour the solution into the mold
While the solution has not started to set, put a match in it, put it at an angle, put a wooden stick and a flower. The whole workpiece is rewound with twine to hold the mold. (see photo)

Leave it to dry for 24 hours

Step 3
Remove the product from the mold. Remove the wooden stick and matchstick.

Paint the ash compartment and the flower with acrylic paint

Insert the Aroma Stick.



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