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Leaf coloring pages for kids

Сoloring pages of plants.

We have already written on the topic of the  leaf templates, but since there are so many different shapes of leaves, now we continue the same theme and name differently – leaf coloring pages, although it is one and the same.

And here is a collection of  leafs which I drew for you.  Some are  easily recognizable:

Others have  more generalized forms:

I used these coloring pages to create decorative pictures-autumn leaf fall:

Autumn leaf fall

This is an applique as you can see, because I don`t  дшлу only to paint any coloring pictures. I think of the colorings you can get much more benefits for children than just the development of fine motor skills and the ability to distinguish colors. For example,we can use coloring pages as templates. Or the kids may cut the colored leaves  out of pages and  glue a beautiful applique.




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