Paper mouse mask

Let`s learn how tomake a paper mouse mask.

Well, i know about three ways – simple, more complicated and quite complex. Well, don’t worry, they are all doable. I made models of masks not for carnival, but as a project or sketch, which readers can change depending on their wishes.


How to make a paper mouse mask

I’ll start with the simplest option.

The pattern of this mask looks like this:

Paper mouse mask pattern

All you have to do is tape the folds on the forehead and ears of the mouse to give a bulge. Then we turn off the mask like a cone – its end will be the nose of the mouse. You will make this cone wider or more elongated – it depends on the type of face on which the mask will be worn. Ears should be glued symmetrically but not directly on the forehead, but wider, closer to the temples.

Paper Mouse mask 2

Paper mouse mask -2

Here is the pattern of this mouse mask:

Mouse mask pattern

Black lines show cuts for tucks or stitches.This mask is also made on the basis of a cone, but on the nose bridge there is an internal fold, thanks to which the mask fits better to the face. It will be necessary to make a pinch on the inside of the mask using a stapler.

Mouse mask step by step

From the front, it looks like this:

Mouse mask making

We glue the tucks on the forehead and glue in the triangular pieces of paper into the cuts on the temples. And then we do everything as before – we turn the nose like a cone, glue the tucks on the ears and glue them on top.

Paper mouse mask

DIY paper mouse mask -3

Paper mask of a mouse -3

The pattern:

Paper mouse

This mask is made on the basis of domino. Well, with tucks on your forehead and ears, you, of course, can handle easily. Only nose making will be a little complicated.

 Paper mouse nose pattern

Twist the pattern like a cone:

DIY mouse nose

And this conical nose must be very clearly and symmetrically glued to dominoes with small bent valves.

DIY papercraft mouse mask

Now you know how tomake a papercraft mouse mask.

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