How to make a paper Skull Mask

Everyone has a skull, but if we need a Halloween costume, we will fail to show off his own skull. Need to make a mask. I propose to make for children simple but scary skull mask from paper or cardboard.

We will act like this. Take a sheet of paper from the album – it’s a good size. Fold the paper along, this fold is the axis of symmetry and the line of the nose. The second fold line perpendicular to make eyes at a distance of one third the height from the edge of the sheet.

Skull mask step by step

On eye line cut a semi-ovals. It is clear that the eyes should be placed at that distance, as in life. I don’t want to specify exact dimensions because people are different. I have the distance between the inner corners of the eyes – 4 centimeters, but the child of course will have less.
Skull Mask making

When the slots for the eyes are ready, deploy the fold along the nose line and draw a half of a skull.

Skull mask pattern

Cut out the pattern, deploy and on blank side draw a symmetrical half of a skull. Note, tuck will be in pairs on the forehead, on cheeks, under the cheekbones and under the chin. Skull mask template

Cut tuck and glue. It is not difficult. Only the approach to shaping the chin is unusual:

Skull mask chin

And here is our easy paper skull mask. It can be mounted on the face either with rubber bands, threaded into the holes on the cheeks or on the hoop, worn on the forehead. Skull mask

This skull mask is very simple, but it will serve you and will scare everyone on Halloween.

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