How to make a paper Bunny mask

Let`s make an easy paper Bunny (or hare) mask. For example – the mask of the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

This mask is intended for kids and consists of a minimum of parts – just conventional, stylized long-eared animal.

Here is the face pattern:

Bunny face pattern

This template should be cut from double-folded sheet of paper , which guarantees symmetry and a sufficiently high quality.

Bunny mask pattern

Cut along the lines of darts and glue. Start with the darts on the forehead.

Paper hare mask

The edge of the tuck on the nose you need to push one another very deeply.

Rabbit mask

Well?now you can try the mask on (your) face. I like to reinforce the mask on a wide Hoop, worn on the forehead. But if you prefer to do the holes at the temples and thread the rubber band through them, then do as you like.

Rabbit mask

While the mask looks like a visor with slanting eyes,but now we’re going to put identification Buuny`s marks.

Rabbit ears patterns

Cut and glue the tucks at the base of the ears.

Bunny ears for the mask

Now glue the ears to the mask. Make sure that they are symmetrical and do not move them close to the top of the head – the ears should be over the ears of the actor wearing the mask.

Rabbit( hare) mask

Draw a few whiskers, but not too zealous – rabbit is not a cat.If you want to paint the nose pink. Your easy paper bunny mask is ready. Run, rabbit, run!

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