How to make a Pig Mask

Let`s make a carnival or halloween Pig Mask. For this sort of props it is customary to apply paper plates, but I offer a simpler way – craft paper or cardboard. Here’s how this mask of a pig looks:

If you liked it and you want to do the same, then we begin.

You need:

Supplies for making mask


Colored paper or Cardboard




and our instructions.


Pig Mask step by step

Here is the template of the main part of the mask-pig face:

Pig Mask Template

Pig Mask Template – click to enlarge

Print it and cut out of paper.

Pig Face Mask

The side on which the pattern is printed will be considered inner.

Cut along the lines of the tucks, fold the piece on the bridge of the nose and pinch with the help of a stapler:

 How to make a pig mask step by step

The tucks on the forehead glue this way:

How to make a pig mask.

The edges of the tucks on the temples will slide apart. Glue triangle pieces of paper to close them^

Pig crafts

Bend the nose flap forward:

Pig Mask step by step

Now take a piece of pink paper and cut out ears and snout of such size as you like and glue them cjrrectly – not high and not low.

How to make a pig Mask

Attach two strings to the temples and your Paper Pig Mask is ready, put it on and – oink- oink!

Paper Pig Mask

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