How to make a wreath of sea shells

                                                                How to make a wreath of sea shells

Summer – Sea, sun, beach. It passes so quickly. I suggest decorating your interior with a piece of Summer, a wreath of seashells. Looking at it you will remember the brightest, most beautiful moments of the past summer and wait for the coming of a new one.
To make a wreath we will need these
– the base of the wreath (cardboard, hay, twine)
– sea shells
– dried seaweed
– dried flowers
– glue gun

Step 1
Make a base for the wreath. Cut out a ring from cardboard.
Make a ring out of hay. Its size should match the size of the cardboard ring. Use a glue gun to glue them together.
(you can make the base without a catron, just from hay).

Step 2
Glue sea shells, seaweed, dried flowers on the base. Your imagination works here.

The sea shell wreath is ready


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