How to make a picture” Love story”, from cement and sea pebbles

                             How to make a picture” Love story”, from cement and sea pebbles

I offer you information on creating a craft out of natural materials and cement.
Stones as a natural material can be collected at will, but it is better to pre-select the composition. Choose the size, shape and color most suitable for this craft. It is advisable to give preference to flat, smooth stones. Rounded sea pebbles are ideal for creativity.
So let’s get started

– cement
– sand
– mold for pouring (Styrofoam box)
-plastic juice tube
-fine brush
– pencil
– red acrylic paint
– sea pebbles
– twine
– white capron thread
– dry twigs
– universal varnish

Knead the mortar. Mix cement and sand, (1 part of cement and 4 parts of sand). Add water and mix well.

Pour the mortar into the mold, lightly oiling it beforehand. Insert the tubes (for the holes). Before the mortar hardens, lay some of the parts on it. Leave it to harden for 24 hours

After complete drying we continue laying out the composition. (see photo)

We make a bench, draw a balloon in the shape of a heart and paint it red.

Use the twine to make a loop. In the end, we cover the composition with universal varnish

The “Love Story” painting is ready




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